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Woo and the Fuel are a highly professional,dynamic four piece function band that are renowned for creating a great party atmosphere wherever they play. They are sure to have your guests dancing all night long with the greatest club classics, new and old school funk, and electronica!


Woo and the Fuel have a set list that you might expect to hear from a nightclub DJ bringing the party vibe to your event, playing tracks by artists such as Chic, Janet Jackson, Rihanna, Calvin Harris, Bruno Mars, Pharrell Williams and many more! They can play special requests, with advance notice, and can mix up their repertoire to suit any event.


This band create a buzz wherever they play and make every event a night to rememeber, delivering high quality live music entertainment for weddings, parties and corporate events. This is no surprise as members of Woo and the Fuel have worked professionally in the live music industry in function and tribute acts, as touring session musicians, songwriters, arrangers, and instrumental tutors. The interplay between the bandmembers is infectious, because they love what they do, and this, along with their seriously tight musicianship and amazing vocals, ensures that Woo and the Fuel will keep the dance floor full.


The band creates a fantastic party atmosphere, with lights and lasers as well as exceptional music, making Woo and the Fuel an outstanding addition to any high calibre event, wedding or party.


All PA equipment and stage lighting is provided and is made available to clients upon request to make announcements and speeches. We can also provide disco entertainment while your guests arrive and while we take a short break between sets.









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